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Health-Profession.com is a hub for health professionals from across the globe!

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We help you to stay in touch with your colleagues, pals, alumnus and everyone else working in the health sector. The community of doctors, healers, traditional medicine experts, medical scientists and students on Health-Profession.com is growing with each passing day.

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We all get better when we learn to share our knowledge and experiences. At Health-Profession.com, doctors, traditional medicine experts, diagnostic experts and researchers frequently share medical case-studies & personal experiences for everyone’s benefit and seek advice from experts on unique symptoms and challenging health conditions.

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Medical and Ayurvedic colleges, research institutions, associations, yoga centers and various other individuals and groups are now using Health-Profession.com to broadcast news stories, admission & exam notices, event updates etc. With the click of a mouse, anyone can now create a knowledge sharing group, forum or association for networking on the portal. With custom privacy settings; group, form or association owners can determine whether they want to keep all communications public, or private.

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The Enterprise behind Health-Profession.com

Health-Profession.com is run and managed by Saraswati Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. (SDC), a fast growing technology and HR outsourcing company based in the scenic resort of Shimla in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Health-Profession.com is the brainchild of SDC’s CEO Mr. D N Chauhan who after having an intimate discussion with a senior doctor felt the need for a common knowledge and information sharing platform for professionals in the health sector. The central goal for him is to bring all conventional & non-conventional, and ancient & modern information and knowledge on one platform for the betterment of the mankind. Thus, Health-Profession.com was born.