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What Not To Do After Meal

Ayurveda tells us that not just eating mindfully but digesting what we eat is crucial for health. Here are few don'ts we can follow to boost our health and well-being quotient.

Physical exercise after a meal slow down the digestive process by diverting blood flow away from the digestive organs towards the muscles and prevents absorption of nutrients.

It is said, "Death runs behind the one who runs after a meal." Our body simply not designed to do digestion and exercise simultaneously. Stomach cramps, stomachaches, or gastrointestinal distress can result due to running after meals.

Ayurvedic  experts warn that bathing after a meal delays digestion. When we have a shower, the body's temperature changes and so does the flow of blood -especially in the hands and legs-is speeded up.
This reduces the amount of blood surrounding the stomach, weakening the digestive process.

When we sleep, several body functions, together with our brain, go to sleep, reducing the activity of the digestive organs. Moreover, the contents of the stomach back up into the oesophagus, causing a burning sensation in mouth and throat. Sitting or standing helps digestion get the advantage of gravity. We should not sleep immediately after eating a meal.

The tannic acid in the tea binds with the proteins and iron in the meal and prevents their absorption by the body. Those with anaemia should especially avoid tea after meals. Wait approximately half an hour before taking tea.

Drinking  too much water after a meal interferes with the natural nd necessary levels of bile and stomach acid, slowing the digestion process and reducing the body's ability to produce sufficient digestive enzymes for proper digestion. Drinking water about 30 minutes after meal is helpful in digestion.

Following  these simple tips can help us immensely. However, these tips also depend on the factor of age, state of health and the size/richness of your meal.

Article by:Indian Heritage Foundation

Posted By Tejal  On February 26

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