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Home Nursing Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s normally afflicts the aged. It is a progressive disease that destroys memory and impairs judgements and other functions of the brain.Early symptoms include loss of memory and forgetfulness, impaired functioning in daily life, and becoming non-social.

As the disease progresses from early to moderate and extreme, patients with Alzheimer’s disease become completely withdrawn and unresponsive, forget to eat, bathe, cannot identify relatives and seem to be in a world of their own. Some people also get very aggressive to the point of becoming violent.

Alzheimer’s disease is a heart wrenching progressive disease which needs a lot of understanding and patience from the caretaker or attendee.It can be very baffling and overwhelming to look after an AD person.

  • It is very important for the care taker to understand that Alzheimer’s disease causes changes in memory and everyday skills. The attendee has to initiate certain techniques to communicate better with the AD patient because the patient may not find the right expression or word, or may not understand anything and may not even pay attention and loses the thread of thinking.

  • A good way to hold the attention of AD patient is to maintain eye contact and converse with them like normal people. The attendee’s body language conveys emotions.Keep the body relaxed and keep smiling. Conversing on a one to one basis gives the AD patient a lot of confidence. A gentle touch or a pat is also very reassuring. It is a good idea to distract the patient who is in the process of turning aggressive or violent instead of arguing or using logic and physical force.

  • Keep cool and calm. Do not expose your own feelings of frustration, distress or exhaustion.

  • A fixed routine everyday like meal times, toiletry time, and nap time along with safe walking exercise will help in maintaining calm and peace in the AD and reassuring them of their safety. It’s a good practice to ensure the AD eats and sleeps normally, performs the daily ablutions and stays clean and healthy.

The above procedures are practical for a short while for the family member/attendant, but become impossible to pursue in the long run.As such, it is a good idea for the family to take care of the AD patient in shifts.

In cases where the family is a nuclear family with all members working, studying or out of the house, it is very practical to hire avail of home nursing services.

size: 16px; line-height: 18.4px;">CallHealth provides specialized home nursing services. This includes keeping track of vitals, administering medicines and diet as per schedule, assisting with simple physical exercise activity schedule and very importantly infection control and assist with bathing, toilet usage, dressing and the most important aspect of giving company and security to the AD.

CallHealth staff employed for home care has to pass numerous eligibility and security tests. Complete background checks are conducted before they are sent for care at home.

Taking care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease requires specialized training and we at Call Health understand this very well. With highly trained nursing staff, we provide excellent care for them.

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