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The 10 top benefits of Cinnamon

In India Cinnamon is known as “Daalchini”. It is darken in colour. It is mostly found in South India and Shri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, Burma and Ceylon. The taste is very hot aromatic and the flavor is like an aromatic essential oil.

Haring Loss: It is known as the perfect remedy for hearing loss. Take the powder in daily morning and evening with honey for reducing the hearing loss.

Body temperature and Weariness: Helpful to reduce the body temperature due to fever.
Bad Breath: Are you suffering from the bad breath? Mix the honey, cinnamon and hot water and do the gargle. Cinnamon had antifungal property. This is the reaso
n that it reduces the leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells. Good for those people are suffering from weariness. Mix the honey in one glass of water and take the one tea spoon of cinnamon daily.

Blood Sugar: The blood sugar abnormalities that lead to metabolic syndrome and diabetes are prevented and treated by cinnamon. It also found that it improves the fasting blood glucose level, blood pressure.

Cancer: Cinnamon is good for stomach and bone cancer. The resent search of Australia and Japan shows that it is the wonderful remedy for bone and stomach cancer.

Acne: Apply the paste of honey and cinnamon and apply on pimple in evening. Wash the face next morning.

Muscle to fat ratio: Cinnamon reduces the body fat from body and also improves the blood glucose level.

Anti Clotting: Cinnamon has anti clotting effects on blood.

t-weight: bold;">Yeast Infection: Helpful to prevent from the yeast infection.

Weight Loss: It is known as a wonderful remedy to reduce the weight.

Arthritis Pain: If someone suffering from the arthritis pain, then mix the 2 tea spoon of cinnamon in honey and take every day in morning and evening and take it with hot water. It will provide a good relive in pains.

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