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Commonly used techniques for destruction therapy

Managing anger when it reaches an uncontrolled degree can be a bit difficult, but nonetheless new research has found that anger can be dispelled by using various techniques under controlled environments. The technique gaining maximum popularity is that of Destructotherapy. It is based on the premise that aggression kills aggression. Read on to find more.

What is Destructotherapy?
Destructotherapy is a recently developed therapy, which helps relieve stress by using direct aggression against inanimate objects. The patients are equipped with safety goggles, clothes, plus implements/tools like hammers. They are put in a setting with junkyard material and are asked to beat the hell out of everything around. At times loud hard rock music is played as a trigger, which further aggravates their angst and eventually they end up breaking up everything around.

This therapy is said to have originated as early as 2003 by a Spanish entre
preneur, who wanted to device a technique to help employees vent their anger in a safe setting, under the guidance of a trained therapist. After all these years therapists have expanded the scope of Destructotherapy and used it for treating various stress related disorders, where the anger and aggression of the subject is generally suppressed and needs to a vent out.

Commonly used techniques for destruction therapy
Destruction therapy is the deliberate destruction of objects to vent out your anger, and this could be done under various settings. A trained therapist has to monitor the activities of the participants and ensure their safety. This is the reason why besides tools of destruction, they are also given safety goggles and clothes to keep them protected.

The following are the two main settings, under which Destructotherapy is conducted:

Open Fields
Whenever therapists have to organize a Destructotherapy Session for large number of people, they generally do it in open fields. They place old warm out cars, washing machines, and other hefty appliances. The participants then choose their own destruction weapon like hammers and others. They get together to beat up this junk and thus vent out hidden and suppressed anger and stress.

Rage Rooms
At times aggression sessions are organized in rage rooms, where patients are give items like plates, glasses, other porcelain stuff, breaking which they tend to relief their stress. This technique is a simple replication of wh
t housewives generally did when then had to vent out their anger. They generally use kitchen utensils and crockery. They pick them up and bang them on the floor, breaking them into numerous pieces to calm down.

Various other settings are being experimented all over the world and efforts are being made to standardize the practices of Destructotherapy.

Destructotherapy is a fun way to take out all your anger by smashing junk things. Although its psychological value is a matter of debate, from common experiences of people around the world, Destructotherapy seems to hold valid.

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