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How to Protect your Liver and Keep it Healthy

Now, we live in a world dominated by disease and this is becoming more prevalent with each passing day. This is not at all surprising since the environment we choose to live in is quite toxic. The food we have, the water we drink and the air we breathe in is quite toxic and thus is extremely hazardous to our health. The chemicals that we use every day are equally worrying. One of the greatest examples here is bleach. One of the most commonly used cleaners is bleach; this is quite damaging for the respiratory tract.

Liver is Very Important for Body

Without a liver, it’s hard for an individual to survive. It performs a number of functions like

  • Detoxifying blood to get rid of harmful substances like drugs, toxins and alcohol

  • Storing iron and vitamins

  • Converting stored sugar into usable sugar when the sugar level of body falls below normal

  • Producing bile, necessary for fat digestion

  • Breaking down insulin and hemoglobin

Since the liver performs an array of functions, it is quite prone to get a disease.

A healthy lifestyle keeps you stronger and deals with the effect of diseases with more efficiency. Healthy lifestyle also improves the quality of life. Here are some of the steps you can observe to improve the quality of life.

Eat Healthy

Most of the foods that we consume eventually find their way to your liver. The liver helps to get rid of toxins and metabolize substances for use by the body. Thus, the fact that taking a healthy diet can keep your liver strong does not appear surprising at the least. You need to take a low fat and well-balanced diet to maintain a healthy liver. A well-balanced diet includes a significant portion of fruits and vegetables, cereals, whole grain bread and lean meats. Saturated fat that is found in dairy products and meat clogs arteries leading to cardiovascular disease.

Healthy diet will also help you maintain a healthy weight. Doctors are quite alarmed at the expanding waistline; obesity and overweight causes a series of health issues including heart problem and diabetes.

Avoid Alcohol

Regardless of whether you are suffering a liver problem or not, you need to avoid alcohol as much as possible. Studies show that among people suffering from Hepatitis C, the regular drinkers have higher levels of virus than the non-drinkers. However, there are debates on whether it is safe for people with this disease have a glass of beer or wine. Speak to your doctor to find out what’s right for you.

Quit Smoking

Tobacco increases the risk of cancer. Toxins in cigarette can also harm your liver. People who smoke have an increased risk of developing cancer as well as cirrhosis of the liver. A study has found out, habitual smoking doubles liver cancer risk among people who are infected with Hepatitis C. Smoking also increases the risk of cirrhosis.

We know that it’s easy to advise to quit smoking, but it’s quite hard to quit. Quitting is more difficult for individuals who are asked to make other lifestyle changes, like giving up drugs or alcohol. If you find it hard to quit smoking, you can get in touch with the support communities.

Be Active

There is no evidence to prove that physical activity helps to battle Hepatitis C virus. Regular exercise aids in keeping the immune system in order. It also aids in keeping the cardiovascular system robust and your heart strong. This is significant to maintain good health. Regular xercise also relieves stress and helps to feel better about self.

Even patients who have had a liver transplant can benefit of moderate activity. The liver transplant recipients participating in physical activities regularly enjoy a better quality of life.

Speak with a Doctor before taking Pills

Medicines, apart from foods are broken down by the liver. Some of these are quite toxic. Drug-induced liver injury is in fact pretty common nowadays. These can be more harmful if you are suffering from Hepatitis C.

Apart from making the above-discussed lifestyle changes, you can take a few supplements to improve liver function. Remember that your liver has a remarkable opportunity to regenerate. Improving liver function will help you to control cholesterol and blood sugar level, giving a boost to your energy and mood.

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