Alpine confirms the A310 is making a comeback


Alpine confirms the A310 is making a comeback

Investor meeting: yawn to phwoar in 0.7 seconds

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Alpine is resurrecting the iconic A310. During an investor meeting, Renault Group boss Luca De Meo announced ambitious plans to create an €8 billion business from seven new cars. One of these cars is a four-seater sports coupé – a new A310.

Though details about the new version of the A310 are scant, we do know that Alpine is planning on building an architecture for 100 per cent pure electric models called the APP.

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That is going to underpin everything, including a future electric version of the incredibly popular A110, the Alpine GT X-Over planned for 2025, electric hot hatch the R290_ß and of course, the four-seater sports coupé.

Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, said: “This comprehensive range of sports cars will cement our market share in our key markets in Europe and Japan. It will turbocharge our international growth, particularly in the USA and Asia, where our new models will be on sale from 2027.”

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First built in 1971, the A310 was a lug and was hugely underpowered, using the same powertrain as the doomed DeLorean.

In 1976, redesigned by Robert Opron, the A310 was given a V6 and looked like a genuine rival to the Porsche 911, until the lack of updates slowed sales. Roll on 2027!

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