Fail of the century #28: the Hyundai Amica

Fail of the Century

Fail of the century #28: the Hyundai Amica

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It seems the humble city car is spluttering its last. Low profit margins and ever more stringent emissions regulations mean the tiny, cheap urban runabout looks likely to soon go the way of the Wispa Mint (rest in peace, you magnificent chocolatey-toothpastey creation).

Car website etiquette obliges we must mourn this mass extinction of cheap ’n’ cheerful transport. But, as we enter the city car’s final hours, we must remember that not all of them were midget gems. For every VW Up, there was a Perodua Kelisa. Or a Proton Savvy. Or a Hyundai Amica.

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Sure, the Amica was cheap. Cheerful? Not so much. The list of positives was as stumpy as its wheelbase. Innovative, minimalist design? No. Pared back practicality? Also no. Peppy urban handling? Very much no.

The seating position was disconcertingly high, increasing the terrifying possibility that someone might see you driving it. The weirdly large steering wheel wasn’t adjustable for height or reach, and wasn’t obviously attached to the front wheels.

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But worst of all was that helpless yet pleading face, a sorry visage that begged, “Please, please, end the futile pain of my existence”. Hyundai did, eventually, but not before inflicting the Amica on some 23,000 undeserving Brits.

We’ll miss the city cars when they’re gone. Just not this one.

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Fail of the Century

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