GTA Online gamers angry as Rockstar removes over 180 vehicles


GTA Online gamers angry as Rockstar removes over 180 vehicles

A recent update has taken out some well-liked cars and bikes (and seemingly put some behind a paywall)

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Rockstar Games has culled 186 cars and bikes in the latest update to Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online. The San Andreas Mercenaries release was expected to remove some of the ‘less popular’ vehicles.

But hang about. The motors making the cut pile include the Comet Retro Custom (well-liked) and the Infernus (super popular), and the Progen GP1 (which made GTA’s cover art when we last checked). These models are not less popular. Hmm, odd.

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Now, if fans don’t already own the car, they won’t get the chance to purchase it anymore. Part of GTA’s massive appeal is the ability to buy entry-level whips with in-game credits, earned by completing various missions.

The purchases can then be modded and upgraded, as in real-life – albeit several thousand pounds cheaper and from the comfort of one’s bedroom. Winner.

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Fans aren’t just irritated that they can’t get the cars they were hoping to purchase. Some of the vanished cars have ended up on Vinewood Car Club. This is a pay-walled virtual environment, enabling those who fork out for a GTA+ membership extra perks. Such benefits include driving a broader selection of cars.

Steam stats show around 90,000 players log in daily, peaking at 150,000. According to Charlie INTEL, the Steam platform alone sees about 2.5 million GTA Online players on a monthly basis.

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It’s not like Rockstar, or its parent Take Two Interactive Software, are short a bob or two, either. GTA 5 grossed a jaw-dropping billion dollars in the first three days of sale. The franchise also has various money-making spin-offs and a large cohort of dedicated fans willing to part with hard-earned cash.

In fact, GTA fans are eagerly awaiting the sixth release of the game, which – as we mentioned here – is a Big Deal.

In addition to new content, this most recent update sees improved game functionality, such as being able to sprint more easily, and enabling gamers to select retro outfits from previous characters, Niko and Claude.

A full list of the cars and bikes no longer available, but probably a bit rarer (and thus, more valuable if you already own them) has already been compiled by Reddit users.

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