New Lotus Eletre: Norfolk’s 600bhp fully-electric SUV

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New Lotus Eletre: Norfolk’s 600bhp fully-electric SUV

Top Gear TeamPublished: 13 Apr 2022  External link to Top Gear Magazine Subscription – 5 issues for £5

The Lotus Eletre that you’re looking at here has, on the face of it, as much in common with a Lotus Seven or Elise as a speed-boat has with a cross-channel ferry. It’s a pure-electric SUV, weighs north of 2.2 tonnes, and, can you believe, also happens to be the first Lotus in the company’s 74-year history to have four doors.

It’s powered by a 105kWh battery good for 600bhp-plus, promises a WLTP range of 373 miles, and is AI future-proofed in all sorts of ways, including the world’s first deployable LIDAR for level four autonomy. This isn’t a car, it’s a quantum leap. So here’s Top Gear magazine’s Jack Rix to talk you around it.

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