Royal Enfield’s Frozen Adventure Part Six: The Call Of The Open Road

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Royal Enfield’s Frozen Adventure Part Six: The Call Of The Open Road

To celebrate its 120th anniversary, Royal Enfield attempted a ride to reach the South Pole on a motorcycle. This is their story.

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In this episode, Santhosh and Adarsh from Royal Enfield look back at their motorcycling adventures. They talk about the relentless spirit of this community, the joy of exploring new routes, the chance to unlock personal growth and finding the purest equilibrium that exists between man, machine and terrain. Further on, they reflect upon their most exciting journey in Antarctica and discuss how imperative it was to have a bike that was robust, reliable and friendly. 

While it was an exhausting and challenging journey, one that made Santhosh not want to look at the motorcycle at one point, it was almost paradoxical that he couldn’t stop planning his next adventure. Turns out, it does really boil down to one question at the end – where to next? 

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