The Fiat Topolino is coming to the UK in 2024


The Fiat Topolino is coming to the UK in 2024

Teeny Topolino can be had with proper doors, or with wide open spaces and ‘door rope’. Excellent

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Fiat has announced that its cuter than cute fully electric Topolino quadricycle, as revealed back in May, is set for launch in the UK next year, in news that is music to our ears.

As suspected, it gets a 6kW electric motor and a 5.5kWh battery – mirroring the Citroen Ami upon which it is based – with up to 47 miles of range and a top speed of 28mph. Plenty for tootling around town, less so if you want to go… anywhere else.

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But that you already knew, and chances are you’ll have already made your mind up on whether you could feasibly own one of these things. If you’re in the yes camp, we can also tell you it measures 2.53 metres in length (compared to the Ami’s 2.41m), has a 7.2 metre turning circle, and takes four hours to charge from flat to full using a three-pin plug.

The available variants will consist of the “closed” (doored/hard-topped) Topolino or the “open” (doorless/soft-topped) Topolino Dolce Vita. However, all will get the same Verde Vita paintjob, all will get the same 14-inch wheels, and all will get the same two-seat interior.

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But wait, because there are a couple of differences. The “closed” version gets a sunblind for the roof and can be customised with wooden effect stickers on the doors, while the “open” version gets unique door sills and door rope, while striped stickers can be added to the roof. More cars need ‘door rope’, we reckon.

There’ll be a grand total of five available accessories too, including the luggage bag you see above, a USB fan, a Bluetooth speaker, a thermal water bottle, and two seat covers that convert into beach towels when required. Should come in handy, given that you’ve just 63 litres of interior storage space to fit any other gear in. 

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Fiat has yet to confirm prices – though if you’re anything like us you’re already sold – but expect it to be in a similar ballpark to the Ami’s £7,695 starting figure. More as we have it.

Ready for a car with no doors in UK weather?

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