Video: take a closer look at the brand new BMW i7


Video: take a closer look at the brand new BMW i7

Top Gear TeamPublished: 21 Apr 2022  External link to Top Gear Magazine Subscription – 5 issues for £5

Bad news if you thought BMW might tone down the looks of its mega-grille cars for 2022: it’s doubling down on the controversy, and the new 7 Series is possibly the most divisive yet. Leading the charge for BMW’s rival to the Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8 is the all-electric i7, a 544 horsepower e-limo that also has the Tesla Model S and Lucid Air in its snouty sights.

But whooshy performance and silent refinement are only part of the story here – the real action happens in the backs seats, with the fold-down Theatre Mode screen for the most cinema-like experience ever in a car.

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Join Top Gear magazine’s Ollie Kew for a thorough look around the controversial outside – and ultra-lux inside – of the new i7.

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