You can now buy your own Fast and Furious arcade cabinet


You can now buy your own Fast and Furious arcade cabinet

Home version of the classic arcade racer in ¾ scale

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If you’ve read any of the articles about classic racing games here on TG, you’ll know we often go all misty eyed with memories of being wowed by arcade racers as a wee nipper. Well if ever there was proof that growing up is massively overrated, you can now buy a home version of the classic 2004 The Fast and the Furious arcade machine, only slightly shrunk down to ¾ scale so that it doesn’t swallow your entire living room.

The genius of Arcade1up’s machines is that they arrive as front-door-friendly flat pack, so after slotting the panels together and tightening a few screws you end up with an impressively sturdy stand-up cabinet. It’s like IKEA, only at the end you have a nostalgia-tickling time machine rather than a gloss white bookcase with an unpronounceable Scandinavian name.

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This particular cab, adorned with the iconic acid green Mitsubishi Eclipse, offers up two games, both built by the developer behind the old Cruis’n series. The marquee game, 2004’s The Fast and the Furious, is inspired by the first film and 2006’s The Fast and the Furious Drift is partly based on everyone’s secret favourite movie in the series, Tokyo Drift.

The cabinet features a chunky rumble steering wheel and a four-speed shifter, though based on the racing scenes in the movies a nine or ten speed might have been more appropriate. There’s no online multiplayer, but there are global leaderboards to compare times and if you’re feeling particularly committed and rich in floor space, you can link up to four machines on the same local WiFi network for head to head racing with your mates. Just be prepared for your significant other to make ‘that face’.

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Having pumped an inordinate amount of pocket money into arcade machines back in the day, we love that Arcade1up is keeping the retro arcade dream alive and we’re already fantasising about an entire basement full of replica retro racers. Daytona USA next, please…

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